About You

About You 2017-06-01T22:37:13-04:00

You are a leader of a company that is either:

  • Wrestling with the fallout from dishonorable conduct


  • Committed to maintaining its strong, vibrant ethical culture

Dishonorable Conduct

If your organization is the first category, you face a slew of negative publicity because someone, or a group of people, did something they shouldn’t have done.  Or they did not do something they should have done.  Either way, the company faces continued embarrassment in the public eye, a loss of trust among its clients, plummeting employee morale, and tarnishing of a valuable brand.  There may already be a loss of market value as a result of the problem.

Training your leadership in how to identify ethical problems before they arise, solve problems that do occur, create a vibrant ethical culture by hiring and promoting only high-character people, are crucial steps you must take to make things right again and restore trust in your products and services.  This is how the Institute will help you.

Maintaining a Strong Ethical Culture

If your company has never been enmeshed in scandal, you understandably want to make sure that you remain committed to the highest ethical standards in all you do.  The Institute’s programs will help you do so.  Through our distinctive Ethics Assessment, we’ll review your website and your job descriptions for how well you demonstrate your dedication to honorable conduct at every level of the organization and to hiring and promoting high-character employees who will keep your reputation sterling. 

Our training programs will show C-suite and senior executives how ten crucial qualities of high-character leaders are the key to continued financial success.  We’ll also show you how to train your employees how to make high-character choices everywhere, every time.

NOTE: The Institute does not publicize the names of its clients, unless a client expressly gives its permission.